Maria Zuniga
Maria Zuniga
Product Manager

What I do

“When I grew up, I thought I would be a professor. As a professor, I kept developing apps for my students. So, I became a product manager!”

I'm a product manager at an Ed-Tech start-up, Learning Shift. For 6+ years, I've been developing educational products for Latin American clients. I manage 8 people across the globe including our engineering and design teams.

  • Manage multi-disciplinary team of 8 across different time zones including engineering design, and QA.

  • Direct product lifecycle for award-winning education products from market and user research to launch. 

  • Spearhead iOS and Android app for largest educational publisher in Spanish speaking world, including launch of 3D models in AR that support learning.

  • Launched mobile messaging app for parent and teacher communication including development of go-to-market strategy and responsible for user data including reporting on usage metrics to relevant stakeholders in schools. 

  • Create product specs, roadmaps, wireframes and user stories using Agile methodologies to prioritize features. 


Product Planning, Lifecycle and Launch

As a former teacher, planning and organizing is in my DNA. When building products, I start by creating a roadmap that makes sense not just to key stakeholders but to my team and their unique workflow. We scope, implement and launch! 

I am a content creator with a strong sense for product design
I have the ability to convey key requirements for complex product features
I believe in using agile methodologies as well a structured process that can help teams iterate faster and with precision. 

User Research, Analytics and A/B testing

How do you know you are solving the right problem? Always start with user research. By formation (MSc at Oxford), I developed a rigorous methodology that allows me to conduct user interviews, create the proper instruments and ask the right questions to get at users' pain points and opportunities. 

  • I am quantitative and qualitative. 
  • I have a broad understanding of tools to measure and set KPIs (e.g. Google Analytics, Amplitude, Heap) combined with the statistical and operational capabilities to A/B test and analyze results.
  • I believe conversations with our customers and understanding behavior is the key to thoughtful business planning and feature development. 

Design & UX

My job as a PM is to build the bridge between engineers, information architects, and designers through wireframes, clear process, and vision. In addition to my work as a PM, I've taken UX courses in the Bay Area to continually sharpen my design eye. 

  • I know how people learn. My teaching background lends itself to understanding complex user environments.  
  • I have the ability to visually lead teams through UX, wireframes and valuable content creation. 
  • I believe in designing with empathy and putting myself in my customer's shoes to understand how our UX can improve. Further, having lived and worked in different countries and speaking several languages, I bring to the table an adaptability and the intercultural skills to think individually and act globally. 

Marketing & Business

Before becoming a PM, I successfully lead my own profitable business. With Learning Shift, I had the opportunity to develop the product marketer in me and find new ways to distribute our products, organize strategies, and how to promote them to new customers and clients. 

  • I am adaptable to different products and business models. 
  • I have developed brand presence and product marketing at educational conferences, and launched GTM strategies. 
  • I find business opportunities. In my time at Learning Shift, I landed a consulting contract with the most important publisher in Latin America. This relationship increased our revenue by 40% during that year. 



Products Overview

These are some of my products. 

School engagement app

School engagement app

Mobile app and Web platform

This award winning mobile and web app offers text messages and push notification that facilitate communication between parents, schools, and daycare. 

Word Videogame

Word Videogame


Videogame (Mobile Android and iOS and web platform)

Vocabulary word video game for Spanish learners. Created with United. On the web platform, teachers can customize their gaming sessions and analyze data and learning.

AR app

AR app

Augmented Reality App

Supports teaching curriculum and used by thousands of students to bring classroom material to life.



La Libreta Mockups

La Libreta Mockups

Login Daycare Web Platform

Login Daycare Web Platform

Teacher Web Platform

Teacher Web Platform

La Libreta Mobile

La Libreta Mobile

Marketing Material Caramba

Marketing Material Caramba

Did I tell you about my past?



•    Entrepreneurial product manager with a focus on education, content, and storytelling.

•    Multilingual global marketer known for managing tight schedules across functions and time zones.

•    Visionary who can lead the full product cycle: ideation, research, design, development, and launch.



Product Manager

Learning Shift
2011 to present

Adjunct Professor
University of Chile
July 2007 to June 2011

Language Instructor
University of Chile
Jun 2009 to Aug 2011



M.Sc. Education
University of Oxford
Fall 2012 to 2015


Certified Software Product Manager

Product School, 2017

B.A. Linguistics
University of Chile
Fall 2001 to Spring 2007


Certified ICT: Teaching Language with Technology

Trinity College, 2015


Volunteer Experience

Program Coordinator
Mission Graduates
Nonprofit focused on preparing Mission District K-12 students for college.
● Lead the Latina Tech-Mentorship Program with 50+ members.
● Operate digital proficiency assessment and program for mentees.
● Fundraise and product manage organization’s first-ever messaging and scheduling app.


Skills & Languages

Trello, JIRA, Scrum; Agile methodologies

Analytical and data driven; Google Analytics, A/B testing; SQL

Invision, Balsamiq

iOS and Android

P&L Management; Forecasting, Budgeting and planning







Maria is passionate, hard working, and a natural leader.
— Omar Alan Pimentel Master's of Social Welfare Management and Planning Candidate at University of California Berkeley June 12, 2018
Maria can think in terms of the big picture, but deliver on the details. This aspect was crucial for our success with the project. She can turn incomplete, conflicting, or ambiguous inputs into solid action plans due to her solid product vision.
— Stefany Espejo 3D Generalist May 23, 2018
She was an incredible Product Manager, with very constructive feedback and clear expectations of what we could achieve and showed great expertise in managing our times and managing the clients.
— Ariel Quinteros Profesional de visualizacion y modelado 3D May 9, 2018
I have always admired her vision and tenacity to undertake new projects providing useful tools that improve the educational environment. It is very easy to work with Paz, and without a doubt, I would love to work with her again.
— Paqui Cuello Graphic Designer at ElevenADWORKS May 14, 2018